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About Café Noir

Café Noir restaurants are genuine, contemporary, up-market French restaurants with elegant design and carefully selected music that set you in a typical bistro ambiance. With its heartfelt hospitality, Café Noir is the perfect place to linger over simple, yet utterly satisfying and authentic French casual cuisine.


Café Noir represent the “French Art de Vivre”, offering each customer high quality casual cuisine, and a vast selection of fine pastries, viennese and desserts, sure to please any sweet tooth. From breakfast to dinner, Café Noir constantly innovates by creating new pastries and dishes, or by revisiting traditional French recipes. There, the duck confit competes with the veggie burgers, and the Caesar salad accompanies the onion soup and homemade sandwiches made on fresh baguette bread.


Like all bistros, where life is eagerly enjoyed, Café Noir has its regulars; students, businessmen, artists, retired people, shoppers, expats, families and friends. They all contribute to the originality, authenticity and quality of these very unique restaurants. Great tables have great customers!


To know more about us, visit us at www.cafenoir.co.in