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  1. Category: Assorted macarons

French Macarons Box

  1. 1285 ₹1,285.00
    Contains egg
    When feelings are often stronger than reason, taste buds reign supreme! Café Noir has perfected a new recipe, based on genuine, old-fashioned values: almonds, egg-white, sugar and... nothing else. The result is a little round cake, full of taste, crisp on the outside, with a richly flavored ganache inside. Discover our classic & seasonal French macarons flavors: Classic, one each: chocolate, coffee, vanilla, raspberry, strawberry, pistachio, lemon and orange blossom. Seasonal, one each: ginger bread, salted caramel, passion fruits, coconut, Mojito (mint/lime), crème brûlée, Yusu and cotton candy.